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Using the following 4 databases we are able answer your questions related to steel, alloys and metals for a small fee. Alternatively you may purchase these databases ang get a complete reference which is updated every quater.

International translator of steel grades WinSteel - international translator of steel grades
Automated directory of steel plants WinPlantBlack - automated directory of steel plants
International translator of non-ferrous metals & alloys grades WinAlloy - international translator of non-ferrous metals & alloys grades
Automated directory of non-ferrous plants WinPlantRed - automated directory of non-ferrous plants

If you don't want to buy the above databases, we can still answer your questions related to:

Composition and international equivalences of any steel or alloy worldwide
Producers of steel or metal products in Russia & CIS
Russian equivalence of foreign steel or alloy
International equivalences of Russian steel or alloy
Composition and properties of any Russian steel

Cost and terms of use

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  • Subscribers must provide their Member ID or Account reference number in an e-mail. Both are provided in My ACCOUNT - Member profile.
  • The cost of 1 question is 30 EUR. Discounts are provided on multiple questions.
  • If we don't find an answer to your question - we will provide a refund or alternatively you may ask us another question.
1 question - 30 EUR
3 questions - 75 EUR
5 questions - 120 EUR


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